Basic Training for Ships Subject to the IGF Code

Efficiency and Environmental Courses

Course Objective

To give seafarers responsible for designated safety duties associated with the care, use and emergency response for vessels using fuels covered within the IGF Code, the education and training covered within the STCW requirements.

The course covers those parts of the Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency (KUP) requirements specific to fuels covered within the IGF Code, as set out in the following Table A-V/3-1, Function: Operation of ships subject to the IGF Code covering the competencies:

  • Contribute to the safe operation of a ship subject to the IGF Code
  • Take precautions to prevent hazards on a ship subject to the IGF Code
  • Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures
  • Carry out firefighting operations on a ship subject to the IGF Code*
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment from the release of fuels found on ships subject to the IGF Code

Content of the Course

  • Course Introduction
  • Ship Design and Operational Characteristics of Ships Subject to the IGF Code
  • Ship’s Fuel Systems and Fuel Storage System
  • Operation of Fuel and Fuel Storage System
  • Physical Properties of Fuels
  • Safety Requirements and Safety Management
  • Hazards Associated with Operations on Ships
  • Hazard Control
  • Fuel Characteristics
  • Gas Measuring Instruments
  • Specialized Safety Equipment and Protective Devices
  • Safe Working Practices and Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Fire Organization
  • Special Hazards Associated with Fuel system & Fuel Handling
  • Firefighting agents and methods used to control and extinguish fires in conjunction with the different fuels
  • Firefighting System Operations
  • Emergency Procedures and ESD
  • Measures to take in the Event of Leakage /Spillage/Venting of Fuels
  • Firefighting operation

Target Groups

All seafarers that handles gas and low-flash point fuel vessels.


2 working days

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