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Celebrating New Graduates of the Cadet Training Program

September 27, 20195 minutes read

“Onboard a ship, you will encounter different environments, different people, and different cultures. Every experience you gained at GigaMare has been enriching. As you move forward to turn your hard work into reality, I hope that you’ll never lose the will to learn.’ -Reederei NSB Representative Capt. Judas Thaddeus Bonghanoy expressed his recognition and encouragement to the cadets during the completion ceremony last September 13. 

It was indeed a special day for eight deck cadets and twelve engine cadets who completed the 16-week Structured Training Program at GigaMare’s training campus. These future master mariners and chief engineers joined the program on the late week of May 2019 in preparation for their assignments onboard Reederei NSB vessels, their principal company. During the cadets’ competence enhancement program, learning gaps were assessed and addressed through mentorship, blended learning experience, and practical skills development. Throughout their program, the cadets experienced how to live, learn, and work with others -preparing them to be part of a team as well as developing their leadership potentials. Physical conditioning exercises and personality development activities were part of their program. 

Capt. Bonghanoy looked back on his first onboard experience and emphasized that learning is a never-ending process. He then reminded the cadets on the gravity of safety during onboard operations and finally congratulated the cadets for a job well done. 


The batch had two cadet speakers who expressed their gratitude towards their principal company, instructors, mentors, and colleagues. The confidence to finally apply what they have learned during the 16-week program is apparent as they encourage their fellow cadets on becoming the future officer assets of their company. 

“This is a big start for our profession.. and through our training at GigaMare, we are 100% assured to have the best and quality foundation we can ever have..”

 -Deck Cadet Sherlyn Barker

“and may we never forget, we are Reederei NSB cadets – we can make a difference!”

-Engine Cadet Skyndyl Sly Valenzuela

Having a holistic approach, the enhancement program aims to enhance the cadets’ know-how in seamanship and improve human performance through close to real working environment learning applications. Mentoring that prompts learning by doing and making; this day was, of course, a proud moment for the cadets’ instructors as well. Jarkko Mattila, GigaMare’s Director of Training Operations, concluded the program by sharing some words of encouragement and reminders to the graduates.


“When you start advancing on your career, you will get stripes on your shoulder. Those stripes mean, responsibilities. So, take that responsibility well, I’m sure you can do it” he said. 


These future officers will soon embark their journey at sea on board vessels of their principal company. Kudos to the graduates! 


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