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GigaMare Coastal Cleanup: Start a Sea of Change

September 13, 20182 minutes read

The bad weather condition did not hinder GigaMare Inc’s volunteers from collecting 49 sacks of trash and debris scattered nearby coastline area of Malawaan Park. Collected waste items were recorded accordingly for segregation purposes and reference data to aid better waste management. Astoundingly, the team were able to gather total of 274.5 kgs aggregates of Recyclable, Non-Biodegradable, and Biodegradable wastes.

  • 74.6 kgs of recyclable items (mostly bottles and all sorts of plastics)
  • 173.6 kgs of non-biodegradable wastes (composed generally of rubber and styrofoam items)
  • 26.3 kgs of biodegradable wastes

Sending our appreciation to our amazing volunteers, cadet participants, and our dedicated coordinators, for sharing your time and effort to make GigaMare Coastal Cleanup 2018 a success. We may be small in number, but by working together, we start significant steps towards understanding the impact of ocean trash and initiating ways to prevent it.

This is just the beginning. The aim is to continuously hype environmental awareness and encourage volunteerism (including youth participation).