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GigaMare Complies Training Standards for 3 STCW Mandatory Courses

May 30, 20192 minutes read

GigaMare has received full course approval for Electro-Technical Rating, Electro-Technical Officer, and Electro-Technical Officer Updating Course.

The ETR, ETO, and ETO Updating courses are among the initially issued 23 required training courses for certification of seafarers under the STCW convention 1978, as amended. Further to the list of courses specified in STCW Advisory No. 2019-05, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is targeting to complete training standards for the remaining 31 STCW mandatory courses, with the assistance of several Subject Matter Experts, and other maritime education and training stakeholders (

GigaMare’s Structured Training Program (ETR and ETO courses included) aims to help customers secure a competent workforce in the future. GigaMare collaborates with the principal sponsoring company in conducting pre-selection of their candidate cadets. Admitted cadets would be given the opportunity for sea service training onboard the customer’s vessel. Considering the shipboard training requirement in compliance with Regulation III/6, paragraph 2.2 of STCW Convention, as amended, GigaMare believes that this program offers opportunity and can make a difference in the lives of aspiring cadets, especially on the ETO Course.