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HEISS TRAINING: A Dynamic Real-Life Simulation in Human Element

December 19, 20172 minutes read

Earlier this month, GigaMare Inc debuted the latest addition to its Resource Management learning portfolios. Together with our partner, Atria Learning and Development, the Human Element In Ship Simulation (HEISS) course was introduced in GigaMare’s satellite office at Taguig last December 05 and 06.

We are pleased to introduce the course’ learning design to several of our customers and associates during the pilot class. The participants experienced a dynamic computer based simulation integrated with several on board challenges. Acting as members of a fleet committee, the participants discussed and implemented their best practice advice to the ship’s Captain with the goal to lead its virtual crew.

Undoubtedly, there is a clear connection between successful operations and the human element in the shipping industry. Challenged by the need for continuous improvement and development ashore and at sea, HEISS is an innovative way of turning learning into action and thereby focusing on the development of a safety culture and effective crew performance.

For more information about HEISS, feel free to send us an email at or simply visit this page : Human Element Ship Simulation