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Leadership and Maritime Education Breakthrough

November 14, 20164 minutes read

In line with the fast-pace evolution of maritime and service industry, education requirements and trainings for the said fields are on upraise as well. In the Philippines alone, as per Marina’s report, there was an average annual enrollment of 71,200 students (in 2006 to 2010) on 190 accredited maritime education institutions and training centers. The noticeable growth of the business industry in the market also encourages a number of students in gaining the necessary expertise for it.

Good quality education hand in hand with the ambition to continue the lifelong learning process are few of the reasons why individuals pursue a master’s degree. The latter is subjective, the first is usually not easy to find which often requires deliberate considerations.

Today, as cliché as it may sound, interested individuals need not worry because such master’s degree with caliber education will now be available for aspirants. Finland’s Novia University of Applied Sciences in co-operation with GigaMare and Aboa Mare now offers Master of Business Administration, Master of Hospitality Management, Master of Engineering, and Master of Marine Technology showcased for students in the Philippines.

Excited yet? Applicants may now receive a degree directly from Novia University of Applied Sciences while in the comfort of his home country. Finland’s curriculum being ranked by Universitas 21 as one of top 5 higher education systems out of 48 countries is well reflected in Novia’s high-class and state-of-the-art degree programs providing students with a proper platform for their future.

Seize the opportunity and jump-start to the next level of learning. These Master’s Degree Programs allow you to study part-time, taking for consideration your working life. The virtual and on-campus contact with the professors will be precisely scheduled for you to excel, giving opportunity for you to interact with diverse and like-minded group of students. The program profiles will nurture the students’ skills on maritime management and service design, creating value for the customers and companies employing them.

Earning an education matters; basically not because of the title received but for the reason of cultivating necessary skills and encouraging ideal attitude leading to a higher professional qualification and refined service design thinking & leadership.

Indeed, quality education at our doorstep made possible.