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VR Simulation for Enhanced LNG Bunkering Training

January 31, 20203 minutes read

With the recent implementation of IMO 2020, vessel owners comply by ways such as switching to marine gas oil, scrubbers, low sulphur fuel oil, or conversion to LNG powered ships. As IMO 2020 brings forth a global demand for a more optimal and greener fuel strategy for ships, the use of LNG fuel for marine applications increases, so thus the number of LNG bunkering vessels.


Developments in vessel infrastructure are apparent (conversion of engines to run on LNG, for instance). And to serve the need for optimal operating strategy, competency-based training for operators of LNG systems has become essential (of course, taking into account the requirements from the International Code for Ships Using Gases or Other Low-Flashpoint Fuels). The basic philosophy of the Code is to provide mandatory criteria for the arrangement and installation of machinery, equipment, and systems for vessels operating with gas or low-flashpoint liquids as fuel to minimize the risk to the ship, its crew, and the environment, having regard to the nature of the fuels involved ( 


With these in mind, GigaMare's R&D team had come together to create an LNG Bunkering VR simulator to offer training on the safe handling of LNG systems. The virtual reality environment of the simulator provides an immersive learning experience focused on preventing hazards on a ship subject to the IGF Code; operators will be able to practice safe bunkering and securing of the fuel. The design is based on the new generation of vessels that runs sulphur-free liquefied natural gas (LNG). Simulation scenarios include safety procedures during bunkering operations with the supplying vessel, nitrogen purging, and loading operations through the Bunkering Operating Panel.


Watch the video and take a glimpse of GigaMare's enhanced LNG bunkering training through VR simulation.



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