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Making a Difference Together

June 29, 20182 minutes read

On June 14th, GigaMare Inc held its Partners’ Meeting which focused on communicating the company’s latest training service innovations and efforts to its valued customers. With the presence of several maritime representatives and executives, the event was indeed an opportunity to hear and share opinions and thoughts (especially) about GigaMare’s stand towards Blended Learning.

Jari Ullakonoja (President, CEO) spoke about a variety of marine market trends and implications for competence requirements, and later on presented the company’s targeted training direction. Hernane Balinas Jr (GM, Sales & Business Development) presented the new courses pertinent to training requirements on navigation, cargo, and engineering. Training Courses which, as per company specific requirements, may be customized with certain and needed learning modules.

An AR/VR presentation was showcased at the conclusion of the conference (glimpse on how GigaMare intends to develop its e-Learning materials).


“Innovative, improve the old and create new ways, together.” -Jari Ullakonoja

Way back year 2013, when GigaMare acquired Wartsila Corporation’s training infrastructure in Subic, we have been driven by strong sense of partnership. We believe that we can make a difference together by improving our customers’ capability to operate more safely and efficiently – now and in the future.