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Manoeuvring in Ice: Basic and Advanced Polar Code Training

September 19, 20183 minutes read

Shipping activity in the polar region is set to grow in volume and diversify in nature over the coming years; along with corresponding challenges that need to be met without compromising either safety of life at sea or the sustainability of the polar environments ( Ships operating in the polar waters face several sources of danger (i.e. low temperature, bad visibility, remoteness of the area, lack of complete hydrographic service, and possible equipment damage). The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) entered into force on January 1st, 2017. It covers mandatory standards that addresses ship design and construction, equipment and operational matters, as well as training and environmental protection of these polar regions.

GigaMare Inc., together with Aboa Mare, is providing basic and advanced training for ships operating in polar waters (Polar Code). These courses aim to train your masters, chief mates, and officers in charge of a navigational watch to operate ships in polar waters and to address additional provisions deemed necessary for consideration beyond existing requirements of the SOLAS, MARPOL, and STCW conventions.

With our world-class instructors, comprehensive learning manual, and relevant navigation simulations, participants of this course will receive the training support they need to develop their competence and know-how to the safe operation and manoeuvring of vessels subject to the Polar Code. Whilst the marine environments of polar regions are indeed vulnerable, latter part of the training will cover pollution prevention in polar waters with the goal to manage a vessel’s operation so that your crew can protect the environment and safeguard the lives of people who live in such fields of the world.