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Maritime Resource Management - MRM

July 15, 20213 minutes read

Maritime Resource Management (MRM)™ is a human factors training programme aimed at the maritime industry. The MRM training programme was launched in 1993 – at that time under the name Bridge Resource Management (BRM).

The course is designed to minimize the risk of incidents by encouraging safe and responsible behavior. It aims to foster positive attitudes favoring good communication, teamwork, excellence in leadership skills and compliance with standard operating procedures. In short, preventing incidents in maritime operations caused by human and organizational errors.

- NEW - Try it for Yourself

Course demo is available on GigaMare's LMS system guest showroom. Just click HERE to enter the site and then bottom of the login page click "Log in as a guest" button.

Our distance learning MRM course is combination of self studying through GigaMare's Learning Management System (LMS) and case study and workshop discussions via online meeting tools. Course has 15 chapters and all of them contains following learning items:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT) module to introduce new terminology and to provide a basis for the discussions.
  • Workbook PDF summarizing the module content.
  • Short quiz to check that material is reviewed.
  • Case studies illustrating common factors in incidents and near-misses.
  • Online workshop discussion with other participants, the most important part of the training.

It is also possible to tailor MRM course towards group's schedule. For example having discussion and workshop sessions in agreed days, or enhance course with added deck or engine simulator sessions to name a few. Minimum group size for tailored course is 6 persons. Further details, please Contact us.

Course is licensed by ALL Academy International AB (The Swedish Club). Upon successful completion of the course participant will receive a course certificate from GigaMare.


Contact us for more information and course scheduling arrangements.


Maritime Resource Management