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Maritime Training – Cost or Investment?

November 14, 20162 minutes read

During this challenging time in the shipping industry where freight rates are low, ship-owners try to look for methods to save. And some owners see training as one of these. While doing so, accidents, equipment down time, spare parts and consumables costs are going up due to improperly trained officers and personnel; which has a direct effect on the reputation of the company amongst its customers.

Then why save, when you can invest them wisely?

GigaMare offers tailor made competence assessment and training programs that will ensure that your people possesses the needed skills and competence for the job.

We do the assessment specific to your ship type, equipment, STCW and other requirements, then the training modules are tailor made depending on your personnel specific training needs. In this way, the training lessons are targeted and we will be able to provide the training where it is needed most. The investment will surely gain returns. In terms of operational efficiency and having competent and loyal officers and crew.