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Practical Navigation: Beyond The Basics

February 16, 20183 minutes read

With the emphasis placed on ensuring capable workforce; we strive to develop and demonstrate competency through simulation of on-board working environment and hands on applications.

GigaMare Inc’s Practical Navigation enables the Deck Cadet and Junior Deck Officers to apply theoretical knowledge in practise. The trainee is guided and mentored in practical methods of bridge watch keeping and safe navigation on board GigaMare’s training boat geared with Furuno navigation equipment. The training brings the Cadet or Junior Officer from the virtual reality of a simulator up to the next level, the reality itself; enhancing his understanding of bridge routines prior his oncoming on board training or his first assignment as Junior Officer.

The Practical Navigation Training’s overall intent is to apply Terrestrial and Radar Navigation skills into practise; including COLREG, Watch Keeping, and MRM skills. The practical training takes place in Subic Bay port and inner water areas of Subic Bay. This provides an excellent training ground being protected from various weather conditions but still having enough marine traffic to support achievement of the training objectives.


As the training commences, course objectives will be communicated well to the participants; this will include recap on the principles on watchkeeping and safe navigation. Voyage plan will then be plotted on paper chart based on given way points.

This one-day practical navigation training is concluded with comprehensive assessment on the participants’ performance. They will receive feedback with regards to their accuracy of navigation, application of COLREG and situational awareness principles, skills on wheel commands, including their communication and handing over watch.

During the training, the Cadets/Junior Officers are taking responsibility of safe navigation (under the supervision of GigaMare instructors). This provides them unique opportunity to apply and hone their skills in a very realistic environment.

To further maximize the learning experience, Night Navigation (which will include use of ECDIS) is an optional choice.