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Safe Seafaring On Board: Gigamare Inc. Hosted MRM User Seminar

November 14, 20163 minutes read

Safe and Efficient Operations for Maritime – this has been at the core heart of GigaMare Inc’s mission in supporting customers achieve their business goals through enhancing professionals’ skills. Indeed, continuous emphasis on the significance of training methods for human factors is one of the necessary aspects in promoting safer shipping.

In line with this, it was GigaMare’s pleasure to host the Maritime Resource Management User Seminar (MRM) on 26th to 27th of October which brought together 23 certified MRM Facilitators from Asia and Europe. Discussion on strategies and concept to improve MRM became the main goal of the seminar. Facilitators like Capt. Foong Yee Kuan (PSAM Academy), Capt. Caspar Graf von Spee (Harren & Partner Ship Management Gmbh) and Capt Jonas Engström (Wisby Shipmanagement) presented their companies’ personal experience with MRM.

Capt. Peter Sars, Head of Training at GigaMare believed that all participants appreciated the discussions and the opportunity to network with mixed facilitators both from shipping companies and training centers from different parts of the world. Moreover, he emphasized on the magnitude of MRM training in the industry. He said “Even though unmanned ships will be in the test phase within the next few years, the human factor will still remain on board ships for an unpredictable time”.

Training methods aimed to synergize communication and procedures among seafarers during operations lead to safety and efficiency of voyages or any critical duties on board; thus, minimizing accidents on sea caused by human error.

Capt. Caspar Graf von Spee, further discussed that their dedicated crews are the success factor to the safe and efficient operation of their clients’ fleet.

As per GigaMare’s vision to provide training that makes a difference, the company will continue to engage and promote such resource training seminars with the aspiration to reinforce MRM Program for seafarers through the shared ideals and experience both of shipping companies and training centers; and eventually, of the maritime industry as a whole.