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Securing Future Workforce

November 14, 20164 minutes read

Availability of competent officers on board has been a common problem among shipping companies and in most cases, they resort to poaching to make sure that the slots are filled in. The companies tend to pay these officers whom they just knew first time more. They are risking assurance of this person’s competence who hasn’t been familiar with the company’s culture.

In line with this, GigaMare has developed cadet programs that will ensure available steady supply of competent Deck, Engine, Electro Technical Officers and Gas Engineers.

Together with our partners from Novia University and Aboa Mare in Finland, education and skill gaps are identified and filled in by our various training courses and skills enhancement programs.

The cadets are trained in an environment similar on board the ship. The training program is holistic. It covers the knowledge, skill, competence, behavioral and emotional aspects of the person.

GigaMare has trained more than 2,000 Cadets for Dutch, German, Norwegian, Canadian, Singaporean, Greeks and Chinese Shipowners.

The Deck and Engine Cadet Programs is focused on the competence requirements for the Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch and Engineering Watch respectively. Blended learning concept is in place; the cadets are provided with learning materials in their Ipads, which includes the course presentations, manuals, training videos and quizzes to maximize the time in the simulator and in the hands-on training and this will also address learners with individual needs. The cadets are already learning the job of the officers. The training covers generic and ship type specific competencies.

Gas/ Cargo Engineer Training Program is intended for LNG and LPG vessels; we have a comprehensive training program that will ensure you will have good personnel for the position. The training program covers the Cargo Operation, Equipment Maintenance and safety aspects.

The GigaMare Electro Technical Officer Cadet Program is approved by the Philippine and Finish Flag States. The duration of the training is 5-6 months. The training program covers both generic and ship type specific competence requirements.

For existing Junior Officers GigaMare offers a development program that includes:

• Pre-Assessment- determining skills and competence gaps

• Customized Training Program- specific to the areas where they are weak, ship type specific.

• On Board Training Monitoring

• Post Sea Time Assessment

• Customized Training Program- specific to areas determined after the sea time.

This program shortens the training time for developing officers.