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Strengthening Efficiency through Human Resource Training

June 19, 20173 minutes read

Attaining a highly capable, effective and credible police service – PNP’s PATROL Plan 2030 is apparently driven by this vision. Their Strategy Map is focused on four main inter-connected perspectives; one of which is ‘Learning and Growth’. A crucial factor necessary for the realization of its goal by 2030.

Seven personnel underwent GigaMare’s Marine Welding and Hull Repair Course last April. Different from their usual field of training as the participants described their initial thoughts.

“..this will definitely be useful in PNP’s Process Excellence perspective” 

-SPO1 Aileen Seño (PNP MG)

The objective is to develop competent and capable police personnel paving way to a more responsive police organization ready for its mandated duties. The key is a specific learning portfolio that will maximize utilization of PNP’s resources.Seaborn operations of PNP’s Maritime Group rely on each team’s patrol boat. Training on the fundamental welding operation and maintenance of these boats, without a doubt, is essential in achieving PNP MG’s mission of maintaining peace & order and ensuring public safety. Hands-on training of the said course provided visualization and practice for students which will be useful to support their future missions.

PNP’s Strategy Map is set with the timeline of 2030. Such course is indeed another phase of investing towards a future with better and more efficient police personnel. Gradual step in Making a Difference not just in our police service but for the community as well.