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Engineering Fundamentals

  Welcome to our online course.

Course has 3 lessons and 3-7 topics in each lesson.
Estimated duration of this course is 2 hours.

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Embark on exploration of engine engineering fundamentals tailored specifically for beginners. Our specialized course aims to provide you with a robust foundation in maritime engineering, focusing on the essential principles that drive marine propulsion systems.

Learning Objectives

Comprehensive Understanding of Engine Design Principles:

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles governing the design and operation of marine engines.

Proficiency in Marine Propulsion Systems:

  • Explore advanced concepts related to various marine propulsion systems, understanding their applications and operational intricacies.

Please Note: It is recommended to study the learning units and content in the same order as they are presented.


Lay a solid foundation for further studies and specialization in specific areas of maritime engineering for those considering advanced degrees or certifications.


Upon successfully completing the final exam, you can download your certification. Your participation record and test results will be securely stored in our eLearning system, ensuring easy verification if needed in the future.

Technical Notes

Internet connection minimum required speed is 2-3 Mbps, but 5 Mbps and above is recommended.

Instructor and Subject Matter Expert

The course developer, Mr. Eric Samuelson, brings a wealth of expertise to the course. A retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander, he currently serves as a Maritime Engineering Instructor and subject matter expert at GigaMare. With a strong background in maritime engineering, Mr. Samuelson provides extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field.

Welcome aboard! Embark on a rewarding journey of learning and discovery with us.

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