2-Stroke Electronic Controlled Engines (Advanced)

2-Stroke Electronic Controlled Engines (Advanced) Course Objective

After completing the course, the participants should be familiar with the main components of an electronic engine (including mechanical and hydraulic pneumatics). They should understand the common rail and bus systems, operate the control system, and diagnose common operational faults.

Content of the Course

  • Philosophy of EEC technology

  • EEC specific mechanical features

  • EEC hydraulic and pneumatics

  • EEC control system

  • EEC cylinder lubrication system

  • EEC electrical diagram & control system operation

  • Simulator familiarization and practical exercises

  • HW and SW of the simulator

  • Service aspects, field experience

  • Hands-on EEC fuel oil pump

  • EEC advantages and conclusions

Target Groups

Shipboard Management Level/ Operational Level Engine Officers, and Electro Technical Officers (who will be engaged in the operation and maintenance of the electronic engines).


5 working days