GigaMare Cloud Learning Solution (GCLS)

Digital solution to support the competence development of your personnel.


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Part of GigaMare's blended learning solution, delivering high-standard classroom learning remotely. 

Enabling clients to access GigaMare's training solutions and infrastructure anytime, anywhere, making content management easy.

Virtual training will provide access to all theoretical training either by virtual classroom or self-paced e-learning lessions. 

Cloud based simulators will provide additional tools to achieve the set training goals.

Key benefits

  • GigaMare Learning Management System
  • Accessibility - available online from anywhere, anytime
  • Incredible cost-effectiveness through reduced travel and accommodation
  • Tailored course content based on your personnel development needs
  • Long-term continuous improvement through investments in research and product development

Key features

  • Virtual classroom training
  • Self paced e-learning courses
  • Remote use of the GigaMare simulation infrastructure
    • Engine Room Simulation
    • Liquid Cargo Simulation
    • Steam Turbine Simulation
    • Navigation Equipment Simulation
    • Tailored Part Task Simulations
  • Engine room simulator models available:
    • Cruise ship installation with Wärtsilä 46F
    • Tanker with MAN B&W 60MC-C
    • Electronic Diesel Container Ship MAN B&W ECME
    • All models with complete auxiliaries
    • Winterthur Gas and Diesel - 7X35 FPP/CPP, 6X62 FPP and 6X72 FPP
    • RT-flex50DF with LNG Bunkering
  • Remote support of on-the-job training

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