Intensive language programs for professionals with focus on communication skills in target foreign language at the workplace.

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GigaLingua is part of GigaMare specializing in language training, operating within GigaMare’s campus. GigaLingua provides language training based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Currently, GigaLingua trains two languages, German and Finnish.

The Language and Culture Training program is a 32-week intensive program geared towards highly qualified professionals who require B2-proficiency in a language based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in order to pursue a career in Europe.

Depending on the targeted proficiency level, the language training can be done by online training, face-to-face training, or a combination of both. Typically, the introductory language level can be organized by online training.

By having trained more than 350 nurses to B2 level in the German language, GigaLingua’s experience shows that face-to-face intensive training at the campus helps to achieve higher proficiency levels in a shorter time period.

Key benefits

GigaLingua campus allows students to focus 100% on the training course.

Timely delivery of contracted personnel.

Targeted courses for specific professions.

Only native tongue language teachers for highest quality results. 

Coordinated with recruitment process and requirements. 

Adaptive approach in course delivery with flexibility to accommodate necessary customization.

Key features

Program structure based on CEFR standard.

  • A1 Basic Speaker: Breakthrough
    • 6 Weeks - Internal A1 Exam 
  • A2 Basic Speaker: Waystage
    • 6 Weeks - Internal A2 Exam
  • B1 Independent Speaker: Threshold
    • 12 Weeks - Internal B1 Exam 
  • B2 Independent Speaker: Vantage
    • 8 Weeks - External B2 Exam

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