Hands-on Training close to the real working Environment

Research and Development / Admin Building

Quality is at the core of GigaMare’s end-to-end process involving everyone in all aspects of our operations. Our team of researchers and developers provides assist on content and software; supporting our clients’ specific training requirements.

Engineering Building

GigaMare’s hands-on facility is housing complete cut-away models and shipboard engine parts; aiding the learning process of our trainees. Available engineering equipment at our academy allows participants to practically apply textbook theories by operating, repairing, and maintaining these massive shipboard machines.

Mooring Station

Together with our partner, the company’s realistic ship forward replica was built to induce effective learning on safety awareness and competency. Training in mooring operations aims to help ship management and its crew prepare and plan a safer mooring. The facility includes 1:1 forecastle ship deck, anchor windlass, mooring winches, roller fairleads, guide rollers, guide pulleys with three rollers, a chain locker with bitter end lock, an anchor chain and a chain stopper, a store hatch cover and watertight deck doors.

Simulation Building

GigaMare’s two ship handling bridges (Bridge 1 with Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Equipment, Bridge 2 with Wärtsilä TRANSAS Equipment) offer an immersive learning environment to the crew. Innovative as it sounds, the ship handling simulator may be run with the engine room simulator to train and foster better ship resource management. These DNV certified Class A simulators comply with requirements of IMO STCW 2010 with Manila amendments.

GigaMare’s full mission engine simulator (ERS 5000 TechSim) is equipped with control and monitoring consoles, electrical starters, synchronization panels, local panels, and emergency generator panel. Operators can simulate and adjust key parameters of the running engine and simultaneously witness how each component operate during the whole process. Ship crew may navigate through the different decks of the engine room inside the Virtual Engine Room Station.

As GigaMare actively invests in state-of-the-art training infrastructure, additional simulation equipment includes various Gas Diesel Engine Simulators, RT-flex Engine Room Simulator, and WinGD type specific Simulator. To Further support our clients' needs on other major brands, GigaMare's R&D team had come together to develop an Electronic Engine Control Simulator (ME-E) featuring an immersive learning environment thru a combined augmented reality and virtual reality experience.