Energy Segment

The energy segment has been playing a vital role since the beginning of GigaMare. GigaMare has not only been helping several energy segment operators but also has a close connection to day-to-day power operations through its partner in the Philippines.

GigaMare’s programs are helping operators and maintenance teams to be more safe and efficient in their daily operations. Specific programs for management ensure that the procedures and protocols needed for economic and reliable operations are well established and implemented.

GigaMare has comprehensive solutions to support the enhancement of existing personnel's competencies or the security of new installation operations.

These solutions consist of various training programs, and also skill-based learning and career development frameworks, Learning Management System integrations, plant documentation solutions, together with key performance monitoring systems.

Our team will work closely with our customers to tailor solutions based on the exact need and expected business outcomes.

The services provided are not only limited to GigaMare’s campus; instead our teams help our customers on site globally.

We can offer our customers a broad range of services, including:

Installation based learning solution development

In-house training session, workshops and training material development

Personnel assessment, from pre-hire to pre-promotion and competency assurance

Competency profiles and tailored competency development programs

Audits – safety, mechanical, electrical and management

Technical Remote Assistance

Customer specific part-task simulation (VR & AR) development