Competence Management Program

Improving our customers' capability to operate safely and efficiently.

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Implementing an innovative and structured learning environment where collaborating seafarers willingly commit personal ability and energy in their pursuit of workplace skills excellence.

At GigaMare we believe in adding value to our clients and trainees equally. We work closely with our clients in assessing their personnel to determine their skills, competency gaps, and knowledge about the field.

We offer a wide range of services to support our clients in their development of a competent workforce such as advanced open courses, assessments, cadet programs and certification services within the industry. Furthermore we innovate and tailor courses to fit our client's specific requirements to support their business needs.

Key benefits

  • Optimized operation and maintenance
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improved availability and reliability through efficient problem solving, less accidents and downtime
  • Improved safety through less human and technical errors
  • Better retention of personnel and motivation through controlled certification
  • Lower insurance costs due to better performance
  • Tailor-made competence management and training (focused on problem solving and analytical skills)
  • Sustainable and systematic operating procedures and maintenance management
  • Improved stakeholder confidence (charterers, customers, insurance companies)
  • Staying up to date with technological changes and developments 

Key features

  • Crew Assessment from pre-hire to pre-promotion and competency assurance
  • Blended learning delivery - utilizing both remote access training and practical hands-on training, GigaMare delivers training both on-site at the customer and at GigaMare training center
  • Tailored Competence management program with on-the-job training, monitoring and follow-up system
  • Competence assessment service with integrated management system, on-board audits and inspections
  • Ship specific training concepts

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