Auxiliary Engine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Auxiliary Engine Course Objective

Upon completion of this training the personnel shall be familiar with:

  • Engine maintenance procedures

  • Best practices in engine maintenance & troubleshooting

  • Tools and equipment’s, proper usage

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations, service bulletins/ updates

  • Precision Measurements of Engine Components - using Solvang reporting templates, if available

  • Post maintenance reporting, using Solvang’s system

Content of the Course

  • Engine Technical Main Data,

  • Practical application, Precision Measurements of Engine Components

  • Fuel Injection Equipment, Timing check and evaluation

  • Inspection of Main Bearings and Sump,

  • Inspection of Cylinder Head, Piston and Conrod Assy,

  • Start Air System: Start Air Distributor, and valves

Target Groups

This customized training is intended for Solvang’s 3rd and 2nd Engineers engaged in the maintenance and troubleshooting of a 4-stroke diesel engine.


5 working days