Fuel Efficiency Management - Marine Engineers

Fuel Efficiency Management Course Objective

The main objective of this course is to build a culture around energy efficiency by discussing the implementation and monitoring of SEEMP, improving awareness of bridge and engine room practices that can contribute to the overall efficiency of the vessel to achieve fuel savings and encouraging goals and benefits.

Content of the Course

  • IMO regulations and SEEMP

  • Crucial points for successful SEEMP implementation

  • Power management with case studies

  • Bunker management

  • SEEMP workshop/SEEMP management

  • Simulator exercises in linked engine and ship simulators

  • Specific Fuel Oil Consumption

  • Engine condition

  • Hull and propeller condition

  • Tuning and timing of fuel pump

  • Unit condition, cylinder, piston, rings

  • Air and exhaust systems (including air coolers)

  • Fuel injection equipment

  • Turbocharger performance

  • The principle for VIT and FQS

  • Power management

  • Electrical consumers/producers: A culture of energy efficiency

  • Automated power management systems

Target Groups

Senior/ Junior Deck and Engine Officers, as well as Technical and Marine Superintendents


5 working days