Leadership and Teamwork On Board Ship (Human Element and Leadership Management)

 Course Objective

The course is intended to provide a person with knowledge, skill and understanding of leadership and teamwork at the operational level on board a ship.

Content of the Course

  • Cultural awareness, inherent traits, attitudes and behavior, cross-cultural communication

  • Shipboard situation, informal social structures on board

  • Human error, situation awareness, complacency, boredom

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Int. maritime conventions and national legislation, emphasis on human factors

  • Ability to apply task and workload management

  • Human limitations, time and pressure constraints

  • Workloads, rest and fatigue

  • Management (leadership) styles, challenges and responses

  • Effective communication

  • Allocation, assignment and prioritization of resources

  • Assertiveness and leadership, motivation, short and long-term strategies

  • Situation and risk assessment, selecting course of action, evaluation of outcome

  • Decision making and problem-solving techniques

  • Authority and assertiveness, emergency management

This course is approved by Finnish Flag State

Target Groups

Deck and Engineer Officers at the Operational Level


5 working days