IGF Code Training

International code for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels (IGF Code).

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Basic & Advanced IGF Code Training

Basic and advanced courses providing training to all seafarers responsible for designated safety duties associated with the care, use and emergency response of vessels using fuels within the IGF Code.


Key benefits

  • Course approval and certification delivered by Finnish Flag State in cooperation with Aboa Mare Maritime Training Center
  • Easy customization of training with tailor-made packages specially made to fit customer needs
  • State-of-the-art simulators - Aboa Mare is the only training center in the world that offers a 5-day IGF Code simulator course replacing the necessary 30 days of sea time required for an advanced IGF Code CoP
  • Unique hands-on training infrastructure aiding learning
  • Cloud learning solutions allowing remote access from anywhere, anytime 

Key features

  • IGF Code Basic - 3 day training course for seafarers covering section A-V/3 -paragraph 1 of the STCW Code  
  • IGF Code Advanced - 3 day training course for Masters and engineer officers covering section section A-V/3 -paragraph 2 of the STCW Code
  • IGF Code Combined - 5 day training course

Course Details

What you will learn

GigaMare IGF Code courses are delivered in cooperation with Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center - covering all requirements set by STCW and the IMO Model Course for IGF Code training for ship officers.

The Basic training course intends to provide a basic training for seafarers responsible for designated safety duties associated with the care, use or in emergency response to the LNG fuel on board ships subject to the IGF Code. 

The Advanced training course intends to provide an advanced training for masters, officers and all personnel with immediate responsibility for the care and use of fuels and fuel systems on ships subject to the IGF code. Aboa Mare´s IGF basic course is a prerequisite for the Aboa Mare IGF advanced course.

Most shipping companies also book an IGF simulator course that substitutes the required 30 sea days on board an IGF ship, including two out of the three required IGF bunkering operations for the Advanced certificate. The IGF simulator course is approved by The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom.

The course consists of classroom lectures, simulator exercises and practical IGF fire-fighting exercises.

Why us?

  • The IGF courses are a result of the cooperation between Aboa Mare, Meriturva, Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy, ESL Shipping and the Finnish Maritime Authorities
  • All IGF Code instructors have extensive gas knowledge and hands-on experience from technology companies
  • Our IGF Code training is approved by the Finnish Maritime Authorities (Traficom)
  • GigaMare has provided several IGF Basic and Advanced Courses together with Aboa Mare in the Philippines.
  • Aboa Mare together with GigaMare are the only training centers in the world that offer a 5-day IGF Code Simulator course replacing the necessary sea time, 30 days, required for an advanced IGF Code CoP

Courses are conducted online or on-site at GigaMare Campus, Subic Bay, Philippines or at Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center. Turku, Finland.


Knowledge is assessed with a final test.

Each participant that has completed the course successfully will be issued a certificate.

Approved by the Finnish Maritime Authorities (Traficom). 

Course recognition by flag state: Most EU flags, Bahamas, Malta, Singapore and Liberia. More information per request.


The participants must have basic knowledge of firefighting, first aid and safety training

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