Practical Navigation Course

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Practical Navigation Course Objective

The main objective is to put theoretical knowledge into practice. This includes:

• Terrestrial Navigation, to plan a voyage, monitor and plot the vessel’s position, using paper chart, based on radar observations and/or visual bearings.

• Use of Radar, including initial setup of the radar screen, orientation, radar range, EBL/VRM and ARPA. Identifying objects in the radar vs. visual observations.

• COLREG, to apply the Rules of the Road as the actual situation requires.

• Watch keeping, to apply MRM skills in practice.

Content of the Course

Introduction and training objectives

Recap of watch keeping and safe navigation principles

Voyage planning

Transfer to the boat

Familiarization to the navigation and boat manoeuvring equipment

1st navigation trip

2nd navigation trip

Debriefing and closing, the trainees receive feedback on performance (accuracy of navigation, COLREG, situational awareness, wheel commands, communication and hand over of watch).

Transfer to GigaMare training centre

Dinner at GigaMare training centre


Transfer to the boat

Night navigation, ECDIS is included in the navigation equipment

Target Groups

The Practical Navigation is intended for Deck Cadets


1 working day