Safe Mooring Operations

Safe Mooring Operations Course Objective

This course aims to help the ship management and the crew prepare and plan a safer mooring. It present tools and knowledge focusing on how to prevent accidents when mooring.

After this training course, the trainees should be able to use mooring and anchoring equipment in a proper and safe manner. They should be able to perform risk assessment, anchor operations safely and understand the purpose and perform greasing of mooring equipment.

Content of the Course

  • Introduction to safe mooring operations

  • Mooring and anchoring equipment

  • How to moor safely

  • How to prevent accidents

  • Tools to improve safety culture

Practical Training includes:

  • Use of real mooring and anchoring equipment

  • Perform a risk assessment

  • Prepare for a mooring operation

  • Perform mooring operation safely

  • Perform anchor operation safely

  • Perform greasing of mooring equipment

Target Groups

Deck Ratings and Deck Officers


3 working days