Basic Ship Handling Course

Course Objective

Officers are being promoted to captains. What about their skills in ship handling? In case of an incident/emergency, is there any officer on board, who is capable of replacing the captain when it comes to maneuvering the ship?

Do you have demands of ship handling from vetting inspections? Allow your officers to enhance their skills on ship handling in a simulator with close to real life environment.

Content of the Course

  • The Basic Ship Handling course includes refreshers in squat, interaction and bank effects, propulsion systems, external forces on the ship.

  • Different types of ships and propulsion systems are available in the simulator.

  • Individual assessment of performance may be included as requested

  • Bridge simulators, computerized training programs and case studies are used for reinforcement and implementation of the knowledge.

Target Groups

Masters, Senior Deck Officers (being promoted to Masters), as well as pilots. The course may also be adjusted to meet the level of Junior Officers; taking into account their actual experience.


5 working days