Ship to Ship Lightering Operations

Lightering Operations Course Objective

After attending this training, the participants who are involved in ship-to-ship operations should be able to demonstrate the importance of using standard procedures, checklists, effective communication and gain ship maneuvering experience with an emphasis on the correct approach angle and matching of ship speeds. They will also observe the effects of ship to ship interaction.

Content of the Course

  • The ICS/OCIMF "Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum) 4th Edition" and its checklists are the main references of the theoretical part of this course.

  • The practical part consists of a number of simulator exercises wherein STS operations are training underway mooring in different weather conditions. The STBL (mother vessel) is a Suezmax tanker while the maneuvering vessel is a 37.000 product tanker. The intensity of the exercises will be raised by adding critical situations, e.g. malfunction on critical propulsion systems.

Target Groups

Masters and Senior Deck Officers


3 working days