Voyage Performance - Oil Products and Intermediates

Course Objective

The goal of the course is to gain deeper understanding of product tanker’s voyage from prior to loading to after discharge, identify and prevent possible problems, and improve the performance. Especially the target is that the trainee will gain understanding of the big picture as the oil industry is very wide and variable.

Content of the Course

  • Understanding the end-to-end voyage

  • Loss types and avoidance

  • Measurement tolerances

  • Tank preparation

  • Understanding demurrage

  • Environmental issues

  • Crude oil specific quality parameters

  • Crude oil washing

  • Understanding the roles or parties

  • International standards

  • Understanding quality parameters,“what and why”

  • Loss control

  • Case studies

Target Groups

Shipboard Operational Level and Management Level Deck / Cargo Officers, Pump Men, Ship Management Staff, Charterers, Oil Trading Operators, Oil Traders, Terminal Personnel, Cargo Inspectors and Cargo Superintendents


2 working days