Electronic Engine Control 2.0 ME

Electronic Engine Control 2.0 ME Course Objective

At the end of the training the trainees should be able to:

Differentiate a conventional 2-stroke engine with an electronic control 2-stroke engine; Familiarize with the main components, mechanical, hydraulic-pneumatic, of electronic engine control 2S;

Understand the design and function of each main components;

Understand the different common rail system, bus system, and electrical diagrams; Correctly operate the MOP, MPC through practical hands-on exercises using GigaMare developed modules/ interactive simulations,

Diagnose common operational faults and do some troubleshooting and maintenance

Content of the Course

  • Introduction / Familiarization

  • Introduction to Electronic Engine History

  • Development of ME engine Modification

  • MC Engine to ME Engine Components

  • New components of ME Engine

  • Engine Control System (ECS)

  • Advantages of ME Engine

  • Engine design

  • Engine Control Systems (ECS)

Target Groups

This training course is aimed for shipboard operational level and management level engine officers who will be engaged in the operation of the new electronic engine two-stroke diesel engines.


5 working days