Fire Detection System Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Fire Detection System Course Objective

The expected outcome of this course is that the participant is able to:

  • Describe the theoretical aspects and functionality of Salwico Fire Detection Systems

  • Identify the system block diagram and be familiar on the keys and indicators of the Fire Detection System

  • Be able to navigate through the control panel and execute specific commands

  • Demonstrate periodic maintenance procedures and testing of the Fire detection system

  • Describe troubleshooting techniques and replacement of detectors of the Fire detection system

  • Demonstrate the use of Address programming tool

Content of the Course

  • Theoretical aspects and functionality of Salwico Fire detection systems

  • Components and sensors of Salwico fire detection systems

  • Installation procedures

  • Operation system

  • Periodic maintenance and troubleshooting procedures

  • Sensor replacement and address configuration

Target Groups

This course is intended for shipboard marine engineer and electrical officer and shore side marine management (at all levels).

The Fire Detection System course is also suitable for engine personnel representing a support level within shipboard or shore-based environments.


2 working days