Marine Electrical Maintenance

Marine Electrical Maintenance Course Objective

The expected outcome of this course is that the participants will be able to:

  • Identify common electrical hazards and safety precautions in electrical systems

  • demonstrate circuit testing using electrical measuring instruments

  • describe the characteristics and operation of generators

  • describe the characteristics of electrical switchboards

  • identify instrumentation and automation applications on board

  • determine different types of electric motors and their applications.

  • Interpret and construct electrical circuit diagrams

  • assemble simple motor starter and troubleshoot simple and complex motor controls.

  • demonstrate preventive maintenance and repair electrical equipment

Content of the Course

  • Electricity and electrical safety

  • Electrical measuring instruments and testing

  • Generators and AVR

  • Switchboards

  • Transformers

  • Engine Instrumentation (sensors/transmitter/transducer & measuring instrument) and Control

  • Electric Motors and Controllers

  • Switch, relay, contactor and control components

  • Electrical Schematics

  • Fault-finding and Testing procedures

  • Practical Demo / Hands-on

Target Groups

This course is intended for shipboard management and operational level engineers.


5 working days