Oil Mist Detector Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Oil Mist Detector Course Objective

The expected outcome of this course is for the participants to be familiar on the operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of oil mist detector on board ships. The trainees should be able to understand the catastrophic consequences of improper maintenance and failure of the oil mist detector. The course is specific for visatron oil mist detectors made by schaller automation industries.

Content of the Course

  • Theoretical aspects and functionality of schaller oil mist detection system

  • Hazards of oil mist detector malfunction and improper operation

  • Operational system of the oil mist detector

  • Periodic maintenance procedures of oil mist detectors

  • Troubleshooting and upgrading of oil mist detectors

Target Groups

Operational / Management Level Engineers and Electro Technical Officers


3 working days