Course Approval: MARINA, UK MCA

Full Course Duration: 15 Days 
Minimum : 6 Pax 
Maximum : 24 Pax


Advanced Training in Firefighting

The STCW Advanced Fire Fighting course is designed for seafarers who are tasked with controlling firefighting operations onboard ships and those who need to demonstrate a level of knowledge and skills beyond basic firefighting. This course is essential for officers and other personnel with specific duties and responsibilities related to firefighting and emergency response. Here are the key components and specifications of the STCW Advanced Fire Fighting course, as outlined by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW): 

Target Audience: This course is intended for seafarers who have successfully completed the Basic Training in Fire Prevention and Firefighting (STCW A-VI/1-2) and have at least 12 months of seagoing service.


Medical Emergency First Aid

The STCW Medical First Aid course is designed to provide seafarers with the necessary knowledge and skills to give immediate first aid in the event of accident or illness on board, until the arrival of a person with medical first aid skills or the person in charge of medical care on board. This course is a step beyond the basic first aid training included in the STCW Basic Safety Training course and is aimed at designated first aid providers on board.

Course Content
Assessment of needs and emergency response
Body structure and functions
Toxicological hazards aboard ship
Examination of a patient
Spinal injuries
Burns, scalds, and effects of heat and cold
Fractures, dislocations, and muscular injuries
Medical care of rescued persons, including distress, hypothermia, and cold exposure
Radio medical advice
Cardiac arrest, drowning, and asphyxia


Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats

The STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats) course is designed for seafarers who are required to take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launch in emergency situations. The course meets the standards set by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) as amended, specifically under Section A-VI/2 of the STCW Code.

Course Content
Types of survival crafts and rescue boats.
Launching arrangements and procedures for survival craft.
Handling and operating survival craft and rescue boats in the water.
Navigation and safety equipment in survival craft.
Engine and oar operation for lifeboats and rescue boats.

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