Ship Crane Troubleshooting

Course Objective

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to understand crane operation and its safety systems. They will read and interpret electrical control circuit, as well as power and hydraulic circuits. The course includes systematic and scientific troubleshooting for any electro-hydraulic cranes, including any PLC operated cranes.

Content of the Course

  • Principle of crane operation

  • Basic principles of a hydraulic system in crane systems

  • Hydrostatic principles and laws

  • Hydraulic circuits and symbols and hydraulic components

  • Electrical systems of a hydraulic operated cranes

  • Electrical control components and PLC system

  • Basic circuits applied in crane operation and crane electronics

  • Dedicated controllers and HMI for crane operation

  • Electronic instruments for safe operation

  • Troubleshooting hydraulic problem/ problems in electrical system

  • Troubleshooting PLC related problems

  • Troubleshooting digital and analog instruments/techniques

Target Groups

Marine Engineers, Electricians, and Electrical Engineers on board vessel with electro-hydraulic cranes


5 working days