Shipfitter Training Program

Program Objectives

The program aims to develop competent Fitters to fill in vacancies onboard. The learning path highlights the courses that will develop the necessary skills competence of Fitters the fastest time possible with the goal to address the shipping principal's urgent needs. 

Career Path

Training Courses Block 1

  • Basic Training (RFPEW, SDSD) 
  • Ship Familiarization, Seamanship, Safety  
  • Safe Mooring  
  • Marine Welding (Arc, Gas, TIG/MIG), Plasma Cutting
  • Lathe Machine Operation
  • Engine Room Auxiliaries Maintenance
  • Engine Maintenance and Repair
  • Internal Assessment

Training Courses Block 2

  • Post Sea- time Skills Record Book Review
  • Skills Assessment
  • Skills Refresher
  • Certification

Entry Requirements 

Engine personnel in-charge of the diesel engine’ s maintenance and/or the welding equipment and fabrication on board the ship or in the power plant. 
Graduates of Vocational Courses or with higher levels of education and with related Welding and Machining specializations with relevant applied industry experience (ie. welders or machinists in a shipyard or power plants). 


8 weeks; fully customizable depending on client's requirements.