Shipfitter Training Program

Highly professionalized fitters for the shipping company's urgent needs.

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GigaMare Shipfitter Training Program aims to select, assess and develop highly professionalized fitters for the shipping company's urgent needs. The learning path highlights the courses that will develop the necessary skills competence of fitters in the fastest time possible.

GigaMare offers efficient training environments and workshops with realistic engine/machinery setups and state-of-the-art simulators for a high quality learning environment. Specific engine and machinery setups for precise simulation of shipfitters working environment.

Key benefits

  • Tailor-made training program specialized for your specific needs
    • Easy customization of modular training packages
  • End to end solution from candidate selection to on-the-job support and troubleshooting
  • Wide range of training courses
  • Unique hands-on training facilities
  • Cloud learning solution allowing remote access to learning material from anywhere at anytime

Key features

  • Crew assessment
  • Blended learning delivery
  • 2-week basic training program
  • 8-week full training program duration - fully customizable for client requirements
    • Pooling of candidates
    • Preliminary exams and interviews
    • Skills demonstration
    • Final company interview
    • Medical examination (standard seafarer)
    • Training at GigaMare
    • Shipboard training
    • Post sea skills assessment
    • Refresher training
    • Certification

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