Shipfitter Training Program

Program Objectives

GigaMare Shipfitter Training Program aims to select, assess and develop highly professionalized fitters for the shipping company's urgent needs. The learning path highlights the courses that will develop the necessary skills competence of fitters in the fastest time possible.

GigaMare offers efficient training environments and workshops with realistic engine/machinery setups and state-of-the-art simulators for a high quality learning environment. Specific engine and machinery setups for precise simulation of shipfitters working environment.

Process and Career Path

GigaMares development process is tailored courses with changing development paths depending on customer needs.

  • Pooling of candidates
  • Preliminary exams and interviews
  • Optional skills demonstration (welding and lathe machine operation)
  • Final company interview
  • Medical examination
  • Training at GigaMare (Training courses block 1)
  • Shipboard training - skills development record book (GP Rating)
  • Post sea skills assessment
  • Refresher training
  • Certification 

Training Courses Block 1 - Total Duration 8 Weeks - Proposed Training Flow

  • Ship Familiarization, Seamanship and Safe Mooring
    • Familiarization to the type of ship, ship routines and safety practices(e-learning)
  • Safe Mooring
    • Blended theory with 1 day hands on
  • Marine Welding (Arc, Gas, TIG/MIG)
    • Actual work exercises pipe welding, bulkhead, hatch coaming, watertight doors, special fabrication works, cutting. All welding positions.
  • Lathe Machine Operation
    • Fabrication works, pump shaft, flanges and spool pieces
  • Engine Room Auxiliaries Maintenance
    • Overhaul pumps, air compressors, separators + mooring winches, pipework bending and fabrication, hydraulics
  • Engine Maintenance and Repair
    • Pull out piston/Liner, evaluate engine components, use Chris Marine equipment, reconditioning of engine components, precision measurements
  • Internal Assessment
    • Fabrication works, pipe repairs

Training Courses Block 2

  • Post Sea- time Skills Record Book Review
  • Skills Assessment
    • Welding and lathe machine operations
  • Skills Refresher
    • Based on the extent of onboard practice and result of skills assessment
  • Certification
    • Outsourced to 3rd party Cost of Certification not shouldered by GigaMare  

Entry Requirements 

Standard Medical Examination for Seafarers.


8 weeks; fully customizable depending on client's requirements. 

Please contact our sales department for more information.

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