Structured Cadet Training Program

Helping secure your competent workforce for the future.

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The shipping industry is confronted with the shortage of competent officers that will man the expanding fleet. Ship owners aim to operate ships at the lowest cost possible while meeting environmental targets.

GigaMare's structured training program will provide the fastest way of developing your own pool of officers and engineers. We will assist you from the assessment and selection up to the level where they attain their licenses for Officer In-charge, Navigation Watch and Engineering Watch respectively. In partnership with Aboa Mare, we develop and deliver nautical and engineering programs.

Partner with us in developing your pool of officers so you can focus on your core business and provide you the chance to maximize your return on investment.

Key benefits

  • Fastest way of developing your own pool of officers and engineers
  • Shorten the lead time to have your own officers
  • Securing your competent future workforce
  • Company specific structured training programs
  • Building loyalty 

Key features

  • In partnership with the oldest maritime university in Finland, Aboa Mare
  • Unique hands-on facilities with dormitories and training facilities providing a ship-like environment
  • Online Learning Management Support System to support the cadets whenever and wherever they are located
  • Tailored end to end solution from pre-selection to the level where they attain their license
  • Tools to monitor their progress on-board, as well as to assess and address their learning gaps

Cadet Training Programs

Deck Cadet  

Assuring the development of future captains within your organization.

Engine Cadet

Helping secure competent chief engineers for the future.

Electro-Technical Officer  

GigaMare electro-technical officer cadet program.

Electro-Technical Rating

ETR course covering mandatory competences prescribed in Section A-III/7, Table A-III/7 of the STCW Code.

Gas & Cargo Cadet

Structured program for gas and cargo cadets.

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