Bosun Development Training Program

After completing the training, the trainees should be able to perform and demonstrate competency in (Bosun) tasks including but not limited to: berthing, anchoring and other mooring operations, handling of cargo and stores, safe operation of deck equipment and machinery, shipboard maintenance, welding and cultural awareness.

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    Info: Program duration is 12 days.

    Content of the Program

    • Shipboard leadership
    • Cultural awareness
    • On board routines
    • Berthing, anchoring and other mooring operations
    • Handling and securing cargo & stores
    • Welding – arc and gas
    • Safe operation of deck equipment and machinery
    • Surface preparation, paint and corrosion prevention
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Prevention of pollution of the marine environment
    • Shipboard maintenance and repair

    Specialized Equipment for Training:

    • Fully functional mooring station
    • Welding facility
    • Cargo pump facility
    • Mock up and overhead crane

    Program Approval and Certification

    GigaMare Inc.

    Target Groups

    Deck Ratings (who are due for promotion as Bosun), existing Bosun who needs refresher training. The course may be customized for Ratings who are serving on board tanker vessels.


    12 working days

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    Bosun Development Training Program

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