Corrosion Protection and Paint Maintenance

This course intends to provide the trainees with the understanding on how corrosion occurs and how to prevent them.

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    Info: Course duration is 5 days. The participating personnel will be able to identify methods of surface preparation to minimize and prevent corrosion, be able to identify the various types of marine paint and their application methods, and describe the pre-treatment requirements (as well as the methods used, and standards for metal surface preparation towards proper coating application).

    Content of the Course

    • Safety precautions prior surface preparation and paint application
    • Understanding of types of marine paints and its application
    • Properties of various grades of paints and their usage
    • Storage, handling, and mixing of paints
    • Standards of surface preparation
    • Surface preparation-hands-on using grit blaster
    • Surface preparation-hands-on using hydro blaster
    • Paint application techniques, using airless paint-spraying equipment
    • Measurement of paint film thickness
    • Maintenance and repair of grit-blasting/hydro blaster and paint-spraying equipment
    • Solutions to common problems faced during surface preparation and paint application

    Course Approval and Certification

    GigaMare Inc.

    Target Groups

    Ship Officers and Ratings.


    5 working days

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    Corrosion Protection and Paint Maintenance

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