Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems

After attending this course, trainees have knowledge to operate, analyze and trouble shoot alarms, dissect system layouts (such as piping, cargo pumps, tank cleaning washing machine, gauging system) and monitor console. These include power supply, power startup and other related items associated with oil discharge monitoring and control systems.

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    Info: Course duration is 5 days. In addition, trainees will have hands-on experience utilizing step-by-step checklists and procedures for the system operations and calibration. This is preceded by a detailed briefing session to ensure the students are aware of the steps and practical application at the commencement of testing, measurement & monitoring operation, calibration, recording events, analyzing alarms and acknowledging in real time mode.

    Content of the Course

    • ODMCS actual installation
    • MARPOL CBT“meeting marpol standards” from GMI-research and
      development department
    • Flow and actual sounding/ullaging
    • Actual oil / water interface measurement
    • Full size cargo, slop and overboard tanks erected
    • Actual pumps, valves, piping, and full ODM system with instrumentation
    • LAN system integration for date readouts
    • GPS input and log speed input in real time mode
    • System integrated to classroom for downloading recorded data for
      debriefing and briefing purposes

    Course Prerequisites

    It is desirable that students have previously attended a course covering these issues: MARPOL 1 and MARPOL 2 IMO course or ship waste and marine pollution management course.

    Course Approval and Certification

    GigaMare Inc.

    Target Groups

    Seafarers who have relevant experience appropriate to their duties on tankers.


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    Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems

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