Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork

After attending this training, the participants should be able to demonstrate competence in handling ships under various conditions and will make a more effective contribution to the bridge team during ship maneuvering in normal and emergency situations.

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    Info: Course duration is 5 days. Participants will have greater awareness and understanding of the effects on the behavior of the ships wind, current, shallow water, banks and narrow channels and condition of loading. Participants will understand the importance of planning a passage or maneuver and the need for an alternative plan; efficient bridge procedures and bridge teamwork during watch keeping and ship handling, in normal and in emergency situations; good interactive communication style and benefit of building up a common shared mental model of the planned passage.

    Content of the Course

    • Review of basic principles; Company SMS
    • Bridge familiarization
    • Standard maneuvers
    • Wind and current effects
    • Attitude and Management Skills
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Communication and Briefings
    • Challenge and Response
    • Turning and Shallow water effects
    • Bank, channel and interaction effects
    • Planning and Short-term Strategy
    • Authority and Assertiveness
    • Management Styles
    • Workload and Stress
    • Anchoring and single-buoy mooring
    • Human involvement in error
    • Judgment and Decision making
    • Crisis and Crowd Management
    • Planning and execution of a voyage in normal and emergency situations

    Course Approval and Certification

    GigaMare Inc.

    Target Groups

    Operational Level, Management Level Officers, and Cadets


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    Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork

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