Operation Advanced Course Wice X-DF iCER Engines

Participants will learn WinGD’s electronically controlled engine features and deepen their knowledge on engine components and functionality of all engine systems.

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    Info: Course durartion is 5 days. VALID FOR THE FOLLOWING DUAL-FUEL ENGINES: All WiCE Controlled X-DF Engines with iCER.

    Content of the Course

    Particular focus is put on the engine control system, WiCE, for the X-DF engines and the integration into the vital engine systems (i.e. fuel injection, liquid and gas fuel system, servo oil and cylinder lubrication, etc.)

    Theoretical lectures are enriched with W-Xpert virtual engine room simulator sessions. This allowing the use of simulated WiCE operator’s interface Manual Control Panel (MCP) therefore optimising engine operation and dealing with various scenarios of engine failure.

    Operation advanced training also contains operational experience and various service aspects and introduction to iCER.

    Course Prerequisites

    Applicants should demonstrate a good theoretical knowledge of twostroke low-speed diesel engines and have certain operational experience on board or similar conventional/ common rail engines. It is expected that applicants have completed the basic gas operation (STCW V/1-2-1)or its equivalent.

    Course Approval and Certification

    WinGD Approved.

    Target Groups

    See Prerequisites.


    5 working days

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    Operation Advanced Course Wice X-DF iCER Engines

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