Polar Code (Basic)

Ships operating in the Arctic and Antarctic environments are exposed to a number of unique risks.

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    Info: Course duration is 3 days. This course provides training to navigation officers to operate ships in polar waters and to address additional provisions deemed necessary for consideration beyond existing requirements of the SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions, in order to take into account the climatic conditions of polar waters and to meet appropriate standards of maritime safety and pollution prevention.

    Content of the Course

    • Ice nomenclature, characteristics and detection
    • Regulations and standards
    • Vessel characteristics
    • Maneuvering in Ice
    • Passage planning and reporting
    • Icebreaker assistance
    • Vessel performance in polar waters/low air temperature
    • Crew preparation, working conditions & safety
    • Environment
    • Simulator exercises

    Course Approval and Certification

    Finnish Flag State; delivered in cooperation with Aboa Mare.

    Target Groups

    Masters and Deck Officers.


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    Polar Code (Basic)

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