Fitter Training

After completing this training, the personnel are familiar with the procedures when performing maintenance on diesel engine. The personnel are familiar with fundamental safety aspects, tools and equipment.

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    Info: Course duration is 12 days. The course includes assessment, evaluation, disassembly, reconditioning, calibration, and assembly of engine components. Participants will perform arc welding and lathe machine operations.

    Content of the Course

    • Introduction to the design and function of a 4-Stroke cycle engine
    • Safety aspects before performing maintenance works on an engine
    • Familiarization with special tools (hydraulics jacks and tools)
    • Familiarization, inspection, and assessment with the engine’s main components
    • Hands-on inspection on cylinder head, piston, main bearing etc.
    • Proper procedure of dis-assembly and assembly of above main components
    • The fuel injection system design & functions, hands-on pump components
    • Disassembly, assembly, and calibration of fuel pumps
    • Disassembly, assembly, and calibration of the fuel injector
    • Observing proper torque, proper use of tools, safety procedures, procedures as per company SMS
    • Welding (arc, gas)
    • Lathe machine operations
    • Final assessment

    Course Prerequisites

    The participants in this course should have sufficient experience on the operation and maintenance of diesel engines as well as its associated systems. It is desirable they are familiar with the welding equipment as well as the lathe machine.

    Target Groups

    Engine personnel in-charge of the diesel engine’ s maintenance and/or the welding equipment and fabrication on board the ship or in the power plant


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    Fitter Training

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